It’s definitely gotten

Weird enough for me

Strange days-

An understatement

So what choice do I have

But throw in the towel

Cash in my chips

Buy the farm

Kick the bucket

An eye for an eye

A truth for a lie

The philosophic problem of revenge

Is always on my mind

Yet I’ve no counselor to console

I guess no one ever does

Atop the mountain

We’re all a mystery

No one, even ourselves,

Wants to solve

Disenchanted souls

You know they’ll worship your tombstone

But not until it goes in the ground

Running on a two-dimensional rainbow

In a schizophrenic sky

Has God shown you his face?

My only trigger is a finger

And they’re calling me

Insanely cheap

But in their midst

I quietly understand

In my own alley

They talk about free will

But all I see is witless swill

The same ol’ people

Fucking the sun

Glad you weren’t here to bear witness

You must have known

There’s only one way to be Earnest

When all your friends

Are dead people

No other choice

But to turn inside-in

People also view

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