Is There Pain in Heaven?

Some people like pain, and it’s different than what I might be accustomed to but I’m not gonna judge somebody if they like to practice suspension, or branding, or whatever else as long as it is done safely and under the supervision of professionals. So of course to some the question beacons: Is there pain in heaven?
If you choose to believe in such a thing, then you have to ask yourself this… well maybe not, but it happened to cross my mind, so I’m sure somebody else has had it cross theirs as well. When someone that happened to practice branding, piercing, suspension or anything else dies, and if they are a good person, does their heaven involve the sensation of pain?

Most preachers and priests will respond, “Well if they like pain then of course they will be damned to hell!” but of course, I disagree. I figure just because a person leads a different and strange lifestyle than yours, it isn’t a reason to automatically damn them to hell. If somebody with piercings and scarification all over his body gets to heaven through whatever god, and there’s not a tattoo or a piercing parlor, they’re gonna be totally letdown.. That was a joke by the way if you couldnt tell.

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