Is Wanting to Get Married Considered Taboo?

The topic of marriage seems to be one of the most controversial topics of today. Some are all for it; others are well against it.

One thing’s for sure-it’s something to be talked about!

My marriage is very important to me, and one of things that contribute to my livelihood. Yep-I said it. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of friends that are married, and even more unfortunate, they never talk about the possibility of even getting married.

It seems to me that it is almost taboo for women (and men) to desire to get married and to have a family. Isn’t that strange?

In today’s world, the focus seems to be on having a high-powered career, a great group of friends, and a social life like none other. Those things are all nice, but what about family? What about the committed, loving relationships between husbands and wives, having a deeper relationship with that one person, and raising your children together? No one talks about that anymore…

Today, all of the images shown on television and songs played on the radio glamorize the single life (not just being single, but being-um-uninhibited), and show the married life as-*yawn*-boring.

Today’s authors write about women being “independent” enough to have children on their own (by choice). Today’s media show less and less happy, satisfied married people and more and more cheerful, free, unattached folks.

I will not say that marriage is always a piece of cake, but as they say, anything worth having is worth the effort, right? But I suppose that’s why no one really expresses the desire to get married. It just might be considered taboo.

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