Islam Reformation

The teachings of Shariah Law within the mosque can incite actions involving Jihad. Some Imams in the United States claim that they are not promoting Shariah laws but only teaching the history of Shariah. However, by respectfully acknowledging these barbaric seventh century laws, it is our opinion that they are giving Shariah an element of respect that encourages young minds to feel it worthy to become the Jihadist, against the infidel, in the name of Allah.

To further confuse the issue of the definition of Shariah, there are those in the Islamic Community who are now fighting the Anti Shariah movement by publicizing and beautifying the word Shariah meaning “the path” of one’s life. It depends of course, on who determines that path. In Islam it is Allah’s path that should be followed. Allah’s words depicted by Mohammad give no freedom of choice to follow any other path but his, and any deviation is a punishable sin.

Concerned American Citizens feel that our knowledge and experience can be of help to others to pressure the American Moderate Muslims, who want to assimilate into American culture, to come forward and support our cause to eliminate Seventh Century Shariah Laws from spiritual Islam.

Concerned American Citizens support the Freedom of religion but cannot tolerate the inhumane Shariah laws as part of a religion.

In order to unravel this ball of yarn and establish trust Islamic reform is necessary.

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