It Must Be Me

Sometimes I get the feeling that nobody cares about anything, that they just want to enjoy whatever lays in front of them. I get the feeling that no matter what I do it won’t make a difference, and once in a while someone comes along that challenges my beliefs. They tell me all the pretty lies I want to hear.
However I just don’t feel like I belong with anyone, and I always try to bury that damn feeling down. Somehow it always manages to come back at the worst times.
I wish I could stop doubting myself so much, I lack confidence in all aspects of my being.
Once in a while a person will claim to understand what I’m feeling, but how could they know we all react differently to the same situations. I don’t claim to know anyone or who they are, they could be my best friend but yet at the same time they’re a stranger I don’t really know.
It tears me apart when I get a sudden feeling of loneliness.
I think that everyone is so complacent with their hollow lives, it must be me I don’t belong.

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