Italy Here We Come!

Well, it was during just one of these moments the idea for Italy burned in my being. Not understanding the pull per se, pursued the focus; “it’s our time now” and started dreaming again.

Before you know it, I meet a woman who resides in England but owns a home in Italy. She tells us two avenues we can take, fly into Milan or Florence. They had directions to the retreat house from either airport; game on! This would be excellent; we could travel ourselves and not be chained to a guide or “group”. So the list began;
Check Status of Passports Rent Villa Buy Airline Tickets Rent Car Visa Debit Card and Bank Contacts….Done!

We had our English speaking contacts and directions through email, printed out with our passports around our necks. The only Italian word memorized was “cabineto”, a woman needs to know the word “bathroom” and my dad taught me one song in Italian, so, worst case scenario, we could sing on the streets if the need arises. We were totally stoked, sipping wine on the way to Italy from Miami, Florida, an eleven hour flight. What we had no idea of knowing, it was a six hour drive into the mountains where the Villa was situated. When we finally arrived I puked, was so carsick from concentrating on the holy script; (directions to this place) and finding out there were no street lights where we were, only signs. The roads were so narrow, no guardrails, we’re talking 1,000 foot drop in some areas!

Every time we share our stories about this trip we smile and laugh. It truly was a trip of a lifetime. We met God on a mountaintop when the clouds enveloped us so thickly; we walked where St Francis tread, we met the most incredible God fearing and loving neighbors. Each was known for their “specialties”; one town wine, the other goat cheese, poultry and another freshly cut timbers for the fire. Further south was the town where one could find the local markets, bakery and internet connections.

The economic times have pretty much chilled vision but there is so much yet to be discovered and the day is young! Let’s not forget to dream my dear friends, yes, dream on!

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