Its a Tough World for Non-Smokers in Metro Manila

I am a non-smoker and I abhor the smell of cigarette smoke. I can’t breathe properly if I am near a smoker. And I travel the streets of Metro Manila from Monday to Friday. And it was victory for me when I heard in the news, May of this year, that the Metro Manila Development Authority (or MMDA) will start to strictly implement the anti-smoking law (passed in 2003). I was hoping that it would not be a case of ningas-kugon, knowing that the new President of the Philippines is hell-bent in doing things right.

But it would not be the case. It was good, the first week. After that, smokers reclaimed their throne. A lot of times, I will ride a jeepney and will sit in front, beside the driver. If it is not the driver who will light a cigarette, it will be the passenger beside me. But the most disappointing thing is that, there were police/MMDA officers around and they can see clearly that these people are violating the anti-smoking law.

Really, Metro Manila is a tough world for non-smokers. It is where the implementation of even simple laws are seasonal.

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