It’s Spring and the Fish Are Biting

Spring is my absolute favorite time of year. Why? It is the cleansing of mother earth, as she sprouts new leaves and the flowers brag to each other about their beauty. Although many friends I know would say Autumn is their favorite, and I agree the changing of the leaves are pretty, yet still does not compare to “going green” in Spring. After all that fluff, its time to FISH.

Depending on which part of the south you are from depends on what you call this particular fish. In Texas, they call them White Perch, in Arkansas they call them Crappie, an in the great state of Louisiana they are called Sac-a-Lait. They spawn in early Spring for the most part, and fishing for them can be an outing the whole family can enjoy. The only downside to this kind of fishing is cleaning all of them, as these fish are some of the best freshwater fish you can eat.

I usually fish from the bank of a pond or stream, the tackle (as it is called) or the supplies needed are quite simple and inexpensive, cane-pole, hook, cork (optional) and minnows or artificial jigs. But, for the serious angler the sky is the limit. Fishing spots are way more plentiful than trying to find a place to hunt, this is also a plus.

These fish are also bait thieves, so be prepared. I remember my first Crappie, caught off of a Zebco 77, in a place called Slack-Water Harbor. Just talking about the past and the tackle needed, reminds me how quickly Spring is approaching and how long its been since I’ve taken the time to enjoy something that is so stress and tech free.

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