It’s Time to Put the Brakes on the Mitt Romney Express

I was driving in traffic the other night and I begin to look at the tail lights on all the vehicles. I looked especially closely at the vehicle in front of me. At that point I began to think to myself that we are very trusting of the tail lights. Imagine if the tail lights of the vehicle in front of you don’t work. What happens? You are going to crash if they hit their brakes.

As I thought about this, something began to dawn on me from a political standpoint. Millions of Americans are mindlessly following our elected leaders. What if our leaders’ tail lights don’t work? What if our elected representatives drive the car that is America’s economy right off the cliff? We will follow them over because their tail lights don’t work. Once our leaders finally realize they are coming to the edge of the cliff and begin to apply the brakes they will discover that the brakes do not work. At that point they will drive over the cliff. Sadly, we will soon follow them.

As conservatives we need to install brake lights on our leaders. That would be accomplished by putting conservatives that believe as we do in the House of Representatives and in the United States Senate. The present leadership of the House, and certainly that of the Senate, will do little to apply the brakes to our fiscal situation. Only if the members drag the leadership kicking and screaming will we ever see spending actually cut and fiscal sanity restored.

It seems that some in the conservative establishment are focused on retaking control of the United States Senate. This is not without importance; however, it should not be the sole goal of the Republican Party in 2012. Even more important than taking control of both houses of Congress is the simple fact that we need a true conservative to lead the country beginning in January 2013. We need a conservative president that will provide leadership to his congressional allies, and pull those not inclined to support him along out of their own self interest. This form of leadership is something that George W. Bush failed to achieve, Barack Obama certainly cannot do it and I would submit to you that Mitt Romney will not provide it either.

How do we elect a conservative president? It starts with nominating a conservative as the head of the Republican Party in 2012. This is done by applying the brakes to the nominate Mitt Romney express. Poll after poll has confirmed that a majority of republicans across this country do not want Mitt Romney to be the nominee of the party. If these voters would unite behind a conservative candidate it would dramatically alter the course of this election cycle. The time to tap the brakes is now.

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