Jaguars Lose to Texans and Pretty Much Eliminate Any Possible Playoff Possibility

Today’s loss to the Huston Texans 20-13 comes at really no surprise as the Jaguars offense really lives up to the expectations it has held in the last 11 weeks. Once again wide receiver Marcedes Lewis dropped a touchdown throw from Blaine Gabbert, and then the Jaguars settled for a field goal. The whole game really was decided in the first half of the game because in the second half the Jaguars only scored a field goal for 3 points.

It does say a lot about the Jaguar defense and nothing about the offensive unit of the Jaguars.

All the Texans had to do was score 13 points in the second quarter and the game was pretty much over. Jacksonville scored one touchdown and two field goals to get 13 points.

The Jaguars and Texans have met 19 times, with the Texans leading the series 10-9. The Jaguars have won the last four games in the series at EverBank Field, including last year when they beat Houston, 31-24.

However as I have made a case against the coaching staff I believe they should be on the chopping block. The coaching is the true problem of the Jaguars at this point in time.

I hate to say this but maybe Blaine Gabbert is not the Quarterback everyone thought.

I say give Luke McCown a shot. What do the Jaguars really have lose at this point in time?

Another thought is maybe Blaine Gabbert just needs better training and the Jaguars should consider hiring a consultant to work with him. My suggestions are Brett Favre, John Elway, Dan Marino, and Terry Bradshaw comes to mind.

FANS NEED TO CALL Shows like the Jack Del Rio Show on WKOV 106.5 at 6PM EST and Talk of the Jaguars on WKOV 106.5 on Wednesdays at 6PM EST need fans to call in and voice the true thoughts on what is going on with the Jaguars. The call in number is : 1-904-355-6351.

Here are the questions in my opinion the Jaguars should be asking themselves:

1) Is Blaine Gabbert really the quarterback of the future Jaguars?

2) What can be done about the wide receiver positions?

3) Should Maurice Jones Drew be put on limited carries and plays the rest of the year?

4) How to find some other key players on offense?

5) How the Jaguars can reduce injuries from happening on the team?

6) Can the defense keep playing at the level it is playing at?

7) Since the Jaguars are officially out of the Playoffs will Wayne Weaver Fire Jack Del Rio?

8) Should the Jaguars clean house on the coaching staff?

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