Jani Lane Singer of Warrant Dead at 47; the Man Who Put Sexy into Cherry Pie and Dirty Thoughts into Girls Minds

Jani Lane, lead singer of Warrant dead at 47. The man who put sexy into Cherry Pie and dirty thoughts into girls minds was found dead on Thursday August 11, 2011 in a Woodland Hills, CA hotel room according to TMZ .

There is no cause of death at this time, but Lane who has been arrested on DUI charges, and had a history of alcohol/drug issues, a drug overdose is most likely.

Jani’s looks definitely have changed throughout the years, but during the 80’s and 90’s, I thought this glam singer was smoking hot. From his pearly white smile, cheesy dancing, down to those hot tight leather pants Lane was it. It was a tough competition, because Jani had other hot singers who fans adored. Let’s take you back in time.

Jani And The Boys Who Made The Girls Want More

Being a huge 80’s fan my list of men could go on forever, but I will only give you my top glam lead singers who stole my heart.

Bret Michaels, Jani Lane, Vince Neil, Mike Tramp, Paul Stanley, Kip Winger, Mark Slaughter, Sebastian Bach, Nikki Sixx, Jon Bon Jovi, Tommy Lee and the list goes on. I guess we can say, I had an overload of 80’s glam crushes.

Warrant’s Most Famous Songs

Who can forget “Cherry Pie”, “Down Boys”, “Heaven”, “I Saw Red”, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, “Sometimes She Cries”, and “You’re The Only Hell?” These were the most popular of the bunch, but let’s not forget Warrant did have other songs that fans might not even know about.

When I See You Smile, Stronger Now, Nobody Else, Live Inside You, Letter To A Friend, Feels Good, Cold Sweat, Bog Talk, Bed Of Roses, Come And Get It, Falling Down, Hole In My Wall, In The Sticks, Sex Ain’t Love, Tears In The City, What Love Can Do, The Bitter Pill and the list goes on.

Jani Leaves behind four children and his 3rd wife Kimberly. I will now leave you with my favorite part of the song “Heaven”, which was such an inspiration.

How I love the way you move

And the sparkle in your eyes

There’s a color deep inside them

Like blue Suburban skys

When I come home late at night

And you’re in bed asleep

I wrap my arms around you

So I can feel you breathe

R.I.P. Jani Lane

Sources: TMZ

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