Jennifer Aniston, Pregnant Again? Bump Watch Gone Out of Control

Actress Jennifer Aniston might just win another award. This honor would be for the most number of times the media has said she is pregnant, when it turns out to be yet another bump watch gone wrong.

Most recently, it was said that Aniston and her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, cut their Hawaiian vacation short because she’d been queasy. One of Jen’s friends reportedly stated that she and Justin have talked at length about “getting married and starting a family.”

Looking back over the years, and back to the days of Aniston and Brad Pitt, the Daily Dish reported in 2004 that Aniston was pregnant with her first child. The report stated that Aniston had conceived just days after her “Friends” co-star Courteney Cox Arquette delivered her first child.

In November of 2008, Star magazine claimed on its cover that Aniston was pregnant with twins because “Jen knows it’s now or never if she’s going to have a baby.”

In September 2009, OK! Magazine’s cover read, “Pregnant at 40!”, which was proudly displayed below the face of Aniston. Perhaps if they claim she is with child enough times, one of those is bound to be right. Here is a look at a few of the other mistaken baby bumps.

Eva Longoria

In September of 2008, Longoria was said to be finally pregnant when she enjoyed an “alcohol free weekend in Las Vegas”, and stayed away from sushi. Admittedly, Longoria did not look like her usual svelte self, but her weight gain was necessary for her character on Desperate Housewives.

The actress has since divorced husband Tony Parker, and the couple did not have any children.

Kate Moss

Moss has also been the victim of the inaccurate bump watch more than a few times. The rumor in 2008 was started when the model looked a little bloated wearing a skin-tight mini dress, and was photographed from the side. To date, the only child Moss has is her daughter, Lila Grace, who was born in 2002.

Paris Hilton

When the stick-thin Paris Hilton shows any sign of an expanding middle, the rumor mills start spinning, and they’ve spun many times for the blonde socialite and star of the recently axed, “The World According to Paris.”

One one the latest baby bump rumors regarding Paris was in December 2010. Hilton was seen on the red carpet at an event in Madrid, and some said her pose suggested she was hiding an early pregnancy. Over eight months later, it is clearly obvious that she was not expecting.

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