Jerice Hunter-Jhessye Shockley- If You Live in Glendale, Arizona- Read This Please

Jhessye Shockley has not been found, and if her mother stays true to form, she will never be found. We need people in the area when Jerice Hunter lived, to try and recall if they saw her. It could have been up to a week and a half before she reported Jhessye missing. It could have been around the area of Glendale and 45th in Glendale. She would have had to stand out. Jhessye was small but Jerice would have had to have a suitcase or perhaps a garbage bag. It would not have been that easy for her to lift and throw whatever she had Jhessye in. She reported Jhessye missing on October 11th, but it was discovered that Jhessye had not been in school for a week and a half before that. It is not known how long she kept her in the closet before she died, so it would be hard to narrow it down to a day. Pictures of Jerice are all over the web, so anyone who would need to see her face can check out almost any Jerice Hunter story. She probably was trying to hide her face as much as possible to stop anyone from being able to identify her. She would not have been able to hide the fact that what she was disposing of was heavy. If you were in that area, or around a city dump or dumpster, and saw anything that appeared strange, please call 480-WITNESS.. There is a $25,000.00 reward. You could help bring a murdered child home.

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