Jersey Shore -Italy- Episode 3, Twinning Recap

The first 2 episodes of Jersey Shore- Italy, were semi boring. We watched as Sam hopelessly devoted her time to pushing herself onto Ron, while he managed to use what brain he has left in denying her advances, and Mike sort of farted around in his Abercrobmie bejeweled ensemble. Kind of a yawn fest.

But in other news, Abercrombie is willing to pay Mike to stop wearing their clothes. However it seems to me, the sludge of a company was just looking for some Jersey Shore limelight scrappings. If anything, their brand will sell more because of these sleazeballs.

The heat however finally picked back up when Ron and Sam go out for a romantic dinner on a rooftop, where they of course get back together to start over. So much for single Ronnie.

Meanwhile, at the club the night before, Mike meets 2 blond twins. Nothing happens though, until the following morning when one of them calls. Ronnie pretends to be Mike, and invites them over. They actually show up and Mike is weirded out by it, and labels them stalkers.

Poor Mike though, he doesn’t really get to hook up with either one of them, because of the explosive turn of events that happens later on in the evening after heading home from the club. Instead of hooking up with Mike, one of the twins is pulled away by Deena, whom ends up making out with the girl on the dance floor.

Back at the house, Mike escorts one to his room, but the moment Snooki is told that Mike is telling everyone in the house that she cheated on Jionni with him, the blond basically ends up sitting in the room, while an explosive fight between Mike and Snooki takes place.

Meanwhile back up into the Deena, Pauly, Vinnie room, we find Deena and her twin making out. Deena goes downstairs though for some food, and comes back up to find her twin on top of Vinnie, doing God knows what. Deena gets mad, and beckons the twin back into her bed. Uh-oh, pantie malfunction!!!

It was probably the most disgusting episode of sexually transmitted disease swapping I have ever witnessed. I was however left with the impression that twin #1 or was it #2- had no self worth, or was just willingly passing around STD’s to anyone who cared to contract it. Filth and trash are 2 words that come to mind. I could name more, but I am sure once this poor pigeon sees herself in this episode… maybe she will clean it up… or not?

When Deena suddenly gets cold feet, she tells the girl to hop back into bed with Vinnie, where naturally she willingly does. Yeah… momma must be proud.

Anyhow, besides the twin swapping slob, the episode doesn’t really include much more. Mike and Snooki hate one another now, or perhaps Snooki just hates Mike. No one in the house knows who to believe… Mike or Snooki… but knowing her track record… and I do love the funny little chick, I have to side with Mike. I don’t think he would just pull this out of the air and make it up. Regardless though, the truth will come out, probably in the next episode.

This Weeks Highlights:

Snooki hates Mike now
Ron and Sam are lovers again
Vinnie and Deena swap the same chick back and forth
Ron rats on Mike
JWOW is still very skinny

That is all.

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