Jessica Simpson Considers Breast Reduction, Continuing Hollywood Trend

Jessica Simpson’s famous breasts may have become so much of a nuisance that the singer is ready to reduce their ample size. Simpson has said that she thinks decreasing the size of her DD-cup breasts will help make her look smaller for her upcoming wedding to former NFL player Eric Johnson.

Johnson and Simpson have their wedding set for Nov. 11 of this year, and the bride-to-be says that if she isn’t happy with her appearance, she will postpone her nuptials until she is. Collegenews reports Simpson also plans to lose weight through exercise by “dancing around her bedroom” and lifting some weights.

Though many Hollywood females choose to increase their breast size in hopes of winning roles they might not have been considered for, there are also quite a few who have gone under the knife to reduce an ample bosom.

Drew Barrymore is one actress who had breast reduction. She said that when her breasts were huge, she felt very self-conscious, as well as uncomfortable. Now she says she really loves her body “the way it is right now,” according to Vibrant Nation.

There have been so many celebrities in the last couple of years who have made the decision to reduce breast size that a few Hollywood watchers have gone as far as calling it a trend.

In 2003, Queen Latifah reduced her F-cups, after experiencing years of back and shoulder pain, down to DD-cups. I’m not sure that would be enough of a reduction, but Latifah actually says she misses her larger breasts, and felt that the surgeons reduced them a little too much.

It makes sense to me that even women in Tinsel Town would rather have smaller breasts. If actresses want to be taken seriously, it’s an unfortunate fact that a large chest will be more likely to bring these women bimbo roles than a chance to show off a dramatic performance. Whether you like it or not, Hollywood is all about looks.

Actress Janeane Garofalo said one of the first things she did for her career was undergo breast reduction surgery. At 5’1″ she felt her breast size did not fit her small frame, and the last thing she wanted was to try to get the attention of an audience while her large boobs got in the way.

Soleil Moon Frye is another actress who felt her 38 DD breasts were marking her as a bimbo. She felt she couldn’t even sit up straight without people looking at her like she was a prostitute, in addition to severe back and shoulder pain.

What will happen to Simpson’s image if she changes her trademark breasts? Only time will tell if the ditsy blonde persona will be just a reflection of her past.

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