Make Threaded Bracelet

Making a friendship bracelet for a friend is a way to show how much a friendship means to you. One common type of friendship bracelet is to thread six different colored threads together, although this variety can be a little more difficult to make than three-strand bracelets.

Position the six strings on a flat surface in this order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple or the colors of your choice. Lay the strings parallel to one another.

Make a number “4” with the orange string on the bottom and the red string on top of it, making the top part of the number “4.”Loop the tail of the the number “4” under the orange string and pull upward. Repeat this step to make a double knot. This makes a forward knot.

Make forward knots until a red knot has been tied across the other strings. The excess red string should be dangling on the right side of the other strings when you are finished tying the knots.

Make the top part of the number “4” with the orange string. Lay it on top of the yellow string in a letter “L” position. Repeat this step until the orange string has been tied across the other strings, including the red string. The order of the strings should now be: yellow, green, blue, purple, red, and orange.

Repeat the forward knot with the other strings until the bracelet is as long as you desire.

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