Make Your Own Faux Rock Planter

Make your own faux rock planter rather than spending the money on one that is fabricated. Homemade faux rock planters can be customized to fit clay flowerpots you already have at home. The planter itself hides the surface of the clay pot so even those with blemishes become beautiful outdoor décor.

Things You’ll Need:

Spray foam insulation
Large plastic trash bag
Serrated knife
Clay flowerpot
Large spoon
Stone colored spray paint


Step 1 – Cover a flat work surface with a large plastic trash bag that has been cut open. I highly recommend completing this project outside because of the mess.

Step 2 – Shake the can of foam insulation and create a blob in the center of the trash bag that is 2/3 the size of the desired faux rock planter. Allow the insulation to dry 15 minutes. Notice that the spray foam continues to expand during the drying period.

Step 3 – Cut the outside shape of the faux rock planter with a serrated knife. Sand the cuts to create a rounded surface.

Step 4 – Turn the clay flowerpot upside down. Place the flowerpot in the desired location on the faux rock planter. Trace around the outside of the flowerpot with a pencil. Press into the insulation foam to create a clear and definable depression.

Step 5 – Cut along the drawn line with a serrated knife. Scoop out the foam inside the cut area. Use a large spoon to remove the foam until the opening is the desired width and depth. Place the flowerpot in the hole as you are removing the foam to ensure the proper amount of foam is removed.

Step 6 – Place the completed faux rock planter on the center of the large plastic trash bag. Spray the surface of the planter with stone colored paint. Allow the paint to dry 30 minutes then turn the stone and repeat the process on the bottom. Apply a second coat of stone colored paint if desired.

Create a multi-pot faux rock planter by creating a larger base. Trace around the top of multiple flowerpots then remove the excess foam.

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