Make Your Own Medicine Ball

One thing most people think they can’t make is a ball. If you love your workout routines, or you just want to get back into exercising a little, a medicine ball can be helpful. A medicine ball is used to work various parts of the body but it can cost a lot of money. It’s really easy to make the exercise ball and, when you do, you save quite a bit of money over purchasing one from a store.

You don’t actually have to make the ball itself. You can use a ball you already have, like a basketball, and turn it into a medicine ball. A medicine ball is much heavier than a basketball but a cheap basketball is much less expensive than a medicine ball. The ball itself doesn’t have to look great; browse around at yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores, for a used ball. When you’re finished with the project, no one will be able to see the original ball.

To turn the basketball into a medicine ball it’s necessary to cut it. Just use a sharp knife and cut two sides of a triangle. Leave the bottom of the triangle uncut so that you create a pointed, triangular flap. The flap should be cut so that it’s at the top area of one side of the ball. Use this flap to fill the ball.

Fill the ball with sand to create an exercise ball. It can be a messy job so do it outside, if possible. Or, just put down newspaper as you fill the ball. From time to time, hold the flap shut, and tap the ball on a hard surface. This can help to pack the sand tighter. Another choice is to use a packing-type implement, like a spatula or wooden spoon. As you get to the area where the flap is, lean the ball back to fill it even fuller. When the sand is firmly packed into the ball you can then close the flap. Hold it shut as you tape it back in place.

Purchase cloth hockey tape to finish the medicine ball. The tape works better to make a ball that isn’t slick. Just wrap the ball, over and over, to cover it completely, and to create a smooth, uniform look.

The medicine ball is a nice thing to have whether you work out often, or occasionally. Instead of filling it with sand you can also fill it with flour. Hurry up and make it while your kid isn’t home and no one will ever know what happened to his or her basketball!

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