Making Your Home Your Sanctuary

For many people their home is their sanctuary but for others this is far from the truth. Making your home more peaceful and inviting can be done by adding several little touches, and making some simple adjustments.

A Peaceful Space is Clean and Decluttered

The most important key to having a peaceful and inviting home is having a home that is clean. A cluttered house can increase stress levels, and can keep your from relaxing. You will function much better once your house is clean and decluttered.

Use Warm Inviting Colors With Plenty of Light

Having a home full of light with warm and inviting colors will make your home appear more peaceful. If you live in a rented house, in military housing, or just can’t afford to paint your walls right now you can add splashes of color in your decorating. Think curtains, quilts, or throw pillows.

If you have blinds or curtains, open them and let the sun shine in.

Fresh Cut Flowers or Plants

Having fresh cut flowers or plants throughout the house can be truly inviting. I would love to have plenty of plants in each room but I can’t grow a house plant to save my life therefore I rely on fresh cut flowers. I don’t have fresh cut flowers in every room, but do try to keep them in the main communal areas of the home.

Play Classical Music

Playing classical music throughout the house helps to create a more peaceful environment. If you are not a fan of classical music you can turn to another form of soft music or Christian music.

Burn Candles

Part of having a peaceful home is having elements that appeal to all five of your senses, and burning a wonderfully scented candle appeals to your sense of smell. It also helps to create a more warm and inviting atmosphere.

Add Religious Elements

If you are a religious family add religious elements to your home, whether it be relics, framed bible verses, or crucifixes. Decorate your home with items that will speak to the religious part of your soul.

Be Nice To Each Other

It sounds as if it is something that doesn’t need to be said, and should be common sense but no matter what changes you make to your home if there is negativity in the home among it’s occupants your home will never be peaceful and inviting. You need to sit ground rules for family members that eliminate rude comments, negativity, and fighting.

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