Man that Raped Horse and Pony Goes to Jail

It’s tough being a horse. If you’re not treated as a galloping machine or sent to an abattoir, you can be the target of a sexual assault if you live near John Robert Mester, 62, of Reily Township, Michigan. In 2001, Mester was accused of sexual congress with a pony, pleaded no contest and spent 30 days in jail. But the lure of horseflesh was apparently just too irresistible.

Caught With His Pants Down

Neighbor Cindy Heistand, a stable owner, became suspicious when owners boarding valuable horses at her stable reported seeing a strange man with a limp wandering in a pasture and feeding oats and corn to the horses. Mester received his characteristic limp from a diving accident in 1988. One boarder recognized Mester and immediately left Heistand’s barn. This boarder, who did not wish to be identified, did not see Mester engage in any sexual activities, the boarder did warn Heistand about Mester’s past.

Worried, Heistand set up a long-range surveillance camera and, to her horror, in June found Mester standing on a bucket, engaged in sexual acts with a blanketed Thoroughbred mare. The mare has not come forward to complain. Hester was immediately arrested and sentenced today to pay Heistand $4200, to spend 90 days in jail and be put on five year probation. Heistand told the Lansing State Journal, “Never in your weirdest mind would you suspect he was doing that.”

“Some Psychological Issues”

At his sentencing on November 14, Mester spoke to Clinton Country Circuit Judge Randy Tahoven, saying, “I know I have some psychological issues. What I did was inexcusable.” Mester’s attorney, Robert Hackett, informed the judge that Mester currently had offers from a psychologist, a psychiatrist and a social worker to get the counseling he needed.

Mester did not receive any counseling after raping the pony, nor was he ordered to by the court. Hackett mentioned to the Judge that this was “surprising”. Hackett also spoke to the judge about Mester’s devoted wife, who stood by her husband’s side throughout the entire sentencing and kissed her husband before he was lead to jail. Hackett did not mention if Mester’s wife had any psychological issues, although she was “embarrassed.”

After the sentencing, Hackett declined to speak with any reporters. But Heistand told reporters, “It’s just absurd.”

The prosecutor for Clinton County, Chuck Sherman, was also the same prosecutor back in 2001 after the pony incident. Sherman told reporters, “I can honestly say that this is the only time I’ve charged somebody with [bestiality] for the second time.”

Hopefully, it will be the last time.


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