Marc Maron’s ‘This Has to Be Funny’ is Funny

Marc Maron’s new CD, “This Has to be Funny,” is funny. It has to be. The comedian’s take on everything that surrounds his life is a polished set of well thought out material and timely delivery.

On the CD, Maron goes into a bit where he talks to his cats, one of which named Monkey. He’d say, “I don’t know what to do. Should I break up with her?” And Monkey would just sit there.

Maron also touches on topics like New York hipsters, having an ice cream maker being like living with a drug dealer, and his parents, to which the comedian says one of the funniest lines I’ve heard on CD: “My parents are still alive — which on some days is great.”

The comedian makes note on everyday life and adds his own brand of bitter humor. Maron talks about almost killing two people driving while texting. Maron states, “Drunk driving is better than texting while driving. With drunk driving, at least someone is driving the car.”

“This Has to be Funny” highlights Maron’s best material. The CD plays more like a one man show than it does as a stand-up set. If you listen to Maron’s popular podcast, you’ll find this CD funny.

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