Marge Simpson Costume Guide

When I was in high school, my favorite television show was The Simpsons. Although I am not as much of a Simpsons fanatic as I used to be, I still enjoy watching the show from time to time. You don’t have to be a fan of The Simpsons to portray one of them for Halloween. If you are looking for a creative but simple idea for a Halloween costume, try dressing up as Marge Simpson.

The Dress

You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the appropriate dress for your Marge Simpson costume. All you need to find is a strapless green dress. The dress should be somewhat fitted and about knee-length. If you want to keep the Marge Simpson costume inexpensive, you might be able to find a dress that works at your local thrift store. Otherwise, check out the following websites to find a green dress for your Marge Simpson costume:



Karma Loop

Linda Dress

Dress Therapy

The Accessories

A good Marge Simpson costume will include a pair of orangeish red flats. I’d suggest just looking for red flats, as they are a bit easier to find than orange shoes. The great thing about red flats is that they work with a lot of outfits, so you can reuse them when you’re finished with your Marge Simpson costume. If you’re struggling to come up with a pair of shoes that work, you can find some at the following websites:





You’ll also want to find a necklace with large red beads. Check around in the jewelry section at thrift stores. If you’re a DIY type of gal, stop by a bead shop and make your own necklace. Marge’s necklace is short and looks a little like a choker. This means that if you’re making your own necklace you’ll want to know how to add a clasp. You’ll need one because will be impossible to fit the necklace over your head.

The Hair

The dress, shoes and necklace are nice and all, but it really is the hair that makes sets a Marge Simpson costume apart. Marge wears a huge blue beehive, that allegedly was inspired by The Bride of Frankenstein. Unless you really want to go to a lot of trouble with your hair, you’ll be recreating the look with a wig. Surprisingly, a lot of Halloween stores stock beehives in a variety of colors. If you don’t want to scour the costume shop for a blue wig, you can always order one from Amazon.

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