Marketing with SEO for Real Estate: Article Marketing

So you’re using SEO for real estate marketing and you’re starting to see your sites ranking for your keywords.

Or maybe not.

Enter article marketing: a great way to build on your SEO efforts and a great way to generate more traffic.

Article marketing is the process of placing your articles on other, more populated sites (called article directories) in the hopes that they will attract more visitors to your site. It is a simple idea, and even simpler operation.

First you need to write articles that are relevant to the purpose of your blog, in this case real estate.

Then you need to distribute these articles to article directories. These are sites that let user submit their articles to them, which they then place into a relevant category and offer for other site owners to use to get started with content.

The directories have a wide viewer base, who look for interesting content, especially webmasters that want quality content and have yet to hire a freelance writer. The hope is that your article will catch someone’s eye, and persuade them to visit your site or post the article to their site which will bring you visitors – they have to publish your author resource box along with the article.

Directory sites are a great way to increase your blogs traffic, and maybe the simplest. All you need to do is distribute at least two a week. To really amp things up at first, five articles a week is best, but two articles a week consistently will still bring great results.

But that’s not all; article marketing by itself is a great tool, but it can also be utilized with SEO for maximum effectiveness. For real estate agents , using your geo-targeted keywords in the articles you distribute is a great idea, as it can help lead potential customers to your site and greater ranking in search engines. For those of you who are unfamiliar with geo-targeted keywords, they are keywords that include a specific location. They are keywords that bring serious leads!

The articles you distribute should also always be relevant to your blog. That means only distribute articles about your geo-targeted keywords.

Don’t forget to write a great author resource box and remember to include your website address in this author resource box.

Generate traffic for your real estate website can be the hardest part. And in an industry where human interaction is so important in order to be successful, it is easy to forget that the internet is still one of the most powerful tools available to you. As for article marketing and SEO, for real estate bloggers these tools are invaluable. If you stick with utilizing these techniques, your sites traffic will increase in no time.

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