Marrow Via Mead (& Other Strange Beads)

Adam and Steve

Adam and Steven

Adam an Eve

Adam an Even

Adam was odd

An Eve she was even

Then came the planet

With all the plants

It came before their plans

Or did it

Sweet honeysuckle

Down by the water

Sat catacorner

To a caterpillar

On a big mushroom

It had way more than five limbs

It looked strangely wizened

It told them to try it

Till boom bing bang

Wham bam shazam

Buildings and fast food and robots, oh my!

Soon little monkeys

Stopped crawling on knuckles

They invented baseballs

Chains and belt-buckles

And caterpillar

Lost all his wrinkles

Turned into soup

Came out with a wingspan

This is a tale of the

Cautiously clever

Does it make you nauseous

Or want to wear leather?

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