Massachusetts Man Facing Five Years in Prison for Protecting Family and Property

A Massachusetts man from the town of Swampscott is facing up to five years in prison for protecting his property from being stolen and protecting his family from the possibility of being harmed.

According to, on November 10th, 29 year old Anthony McKay came upon 29 year old Christian Johnson rummaging through Mckay’s truck. McKay keeps his tools in his trucks for work. When McKay confronted Johnson, Johnson pushed McKay away and reached into his back pocket. Fearing that the thief was going for a weapon, Anthony McKay struck Christian Johnson once across the face. After the thief fell, McKay held the man down and told his fiance to call the police. During this time, McKay’s fiance and three children were inside the home.

When the Swampscott police arrived, they arrested Christian Johnson. The thief was carrying a large knife and police like batton in his back pocket. In addition, he was found with a pipe that is suspected as being for the drug heroine. Christian Johnson did suffer a broken jaw from the punch to the face.
Several hours later, the Swampscott police came back to McKays home and arrested the 28 year old father of three. They charged him with assault and battery.

The charge has brought outrage by the residents of the Commonwealth. State wide, people having been proclaiming and injustice of the system. After all, Anthony McKay was only protecting what was rightfully his. In addition, the suspected drug user was carrying a large knife and baton. Who knows what the criminal was capable of.

On November 18th, Anthony McKay was arraigned in district court this afternoon, where McKay’s lawyer expected the District Attorney to drop the charges. In a stunning swerve, District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett raised the charge to an aggravated assault, which is a felony charge and can land Anthony five years in prison.

This brings to light the warped laws in Massachusetts. You would think that only in an alternate universe would something so assinine take place. This man Anthony McKay could potentially go to jail for five years because he protected his property and his family? What would have happened if Anthony let the man just steal his property? He would’ve lost all his tools, which would have resulted in a job loss and another family on the state welfare system.

According to Michael Graham of 96.9 Boston Talks, a police spokesman said “We don’t urge anybody to (fight back). We want them to call us.”

Is this the kind of society we are evolving into? Where we cherish the rights of the criminal and step on the rights of the victim? Andy McKay had every right to protect himself and his family. He had every right to keep his property to himself.

This case is a grueling reminder of the welfare state that Massachusetts has become. If you are just as digusted at this as I am, I urge you to contact the District Attorney Jonathon Blodgett by email at

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