Math Lesson Plan: Defining Perimeter, Area, and Volume

Lesson Objective: Students will be able to identify shapes, define perimeter, area and volume.

Lesson OpeningThe basic question for my opening will be asking what geometry is and why we need it. Geometry has a lot of practical uses and I am going to stress these as I introduce them. I want them to feel like what they are learning is important and can be applied in real life.

Guided PracticeA quick review of simple shapes (circle, square) and an introduction to more difficult shapes (quadrilateral, trapezoid, pentagon, octagon etc.) This will be done with props that are given to children who are asked to hold them up at various times. An explanation of the difference between a square and a rectangle, which is often a tricky issue. I will introduce perimeter by asking them to estimate through the use of a measuring tape. We will measure some of the shapes through using the measuring tape, then I will explain how to add the sides up, as well as shortcuts for squares and rectangles.

Independent PracticeThe children have to find the perimeter of certain shapes through the use of a ruler. They have to measure the sides and then add them up. This will get them out of their chairs and moving.

ClosingAsking the question, “What kinds of jobs require a knowledge of perimeter?”

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