May the Mountains of the Lord Bring You Hope

A prayer for you in a time of need.

May the mountains of the Lord bring you hope.

The eagles know what to call home.

In the presence of the people.

May the Lord of love and kindness bring back all that was yours.

The eagles declare the coming of the Lord.

While they fly over the mountains of the Lord.

Filled with the expectation of deliverance they have faith.

Filled with the expectation of a future for their young, they praise their Lord upon the mountains of hope.

Filled with the expectation of a worthy cause they wait, and wait, and wait.

Expecting their King, as He marches through in great victory on His Royal Horse.

Yes, they shall wait for their King.

Because they already know all about Him.

Their own ancestors told them, so.

amen to you great eagles.


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