Mel Gibson Court Settlement

Mel Gibson got the last laugh on ex Oksansa Grigorieva when a judge awarded her a sum total of $750,000 in a court settlement this week. Gibson had earlier offered to give here 15 million dollars.

The case, which was the result of Grigorieva’s claim that Gibson had assaulted her, was a lengthy court battle that now appears to be over. During the hearing things got ugly when the plaintiff’s lawyers released audio recordings of some heated phone recordings between the two that had been leaked to the media. Gibson is heard saying. “You f***ing deserved it. I will put you in the f***ing rose garden you c***.

First of all, isn’t taping someone without their knowledge illegal without a court order? And who leaked the conversations to the media. This all sounds a little fishy to me and apparently the judge empathized with Gibson based on the settlement.

See what happens when you get greedy.

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