Memories of Christmas

My memories as a child consist of Dad driving me around neighborhoods to show us all the pretty lights and decorations, to my brothers and I that was the most amazing feeling, driving around with the family seeing how happy it made my Dad just to show us the beauty of Christmas. So simple but yet one of the things I remember the most about our family Christmas.

I also remember sneaking out of my room and seeing Mom and Dad wrapping the Christmas presents! Those were the days. If I had been caught I would have been in so much trouble then again maybe not it was Christmas.

When i was about six I remember my Mom and Dad having a friend his name was Harley. Harley was a burly man, he was a motorcycle driver that wore leather and looked very rugged. Standing at about 6 foot 5 inches tall at first i was a little afraid of the man. He use to get down on the floor and play with us kids and I soon found out he was just a big teddy bear.

My Dad was a salesman and that year was not doing so well. I remember telling my mom all I wanted for Christmas was a strawberry shortcake doll. my mom looks at me and says we will see what we can do but i cannot promise you anything. i remember her looking so stressed but i did not really at 6 understand why. Harley siting there with my parents just looked down.

Christmas day rolls around and mom and dad had a few little inexpensive gift for each of us I remember getting one of those little plastic tea sets. I did not complain I just played with what they gave me and i was happy. I remember Mom telling me that she just could not afford the doll that year, it was just to expensive she explained. I do remember really wanting that doll but I was fine with what I had.

As we are playing with our toys on the floor next to the Christmas tree I hear a knock at the door, like Santa Harley comes strolling in with a big old smile beneath his black beard and mustache. All dressed in leather and motorcycle boots he hands my brothers each a wrapped gift, he walks over and sits right down on the floor next to me and sets a gift right in front of me.

I look at Harley and just remember seeing his eyes looking so kind. He says to me, well you gonna open that up? So I open the gift and there was my Strawberry Shortcake doll. I was so excited and happy but most of all I had seen something, and it was more important than that doll. Harley was siting there with tears in his eyes and my Mom an Dad was to. I gave Harley a big hug and I looked at him and i said thank you so much this is what really wanted. He says I know and I hope you remember it to.

I have not seen Harley since I was a little girl. But one thing is for sure I will always remember this man his memory is forever burnt into my mind. He is in my heart forever. He is a part of me that knows what Christmas is all about.

As we approach Christmas maybe we should think of people like Harley, people that make a small difference that go out of their way. My only hope is that I have and will do this for someone else.
sometimes this comes from the most unlikely of people, but then again maybe not.

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