Memories of Times Past

Everyone has that one special Christmas memory. A memory that stands out from all other memories of the holiday, or even in general. Christmas is one time of the year when memories are made for various different reason. For me all of my memories of Christmas are cherished and will remain with me forever. It has always been a family tradition to go to my Uncle Larry’s house for Christmas Eve dinner. Everyone would gather at his house for dinner, gifts, and generally enjoying the time together.

After my grandfather passed away, the only family tradition that remained was the family reunion where everyone across the country came, and Christmas Eve with Uncle Larry. Aunt Judy would have cookies and candies she made set out for us kids who would run around and play, or as we got older, sit on the steps and talk. The adults would sit in the living room talking about random things and laughing about times long gone. As I grew older into my 20’s it was a honor to sit with the generation before me and listen to stories about while they were growing up and how different things are, and memories they created themselves. I always enjoyed curling on the couch next to Uncle Larry with his arm around me or at the feet of my mom just listening to them.

At any Christmas we had 4 generations of the family, now we have 5 generations. We would watch Christmas cartoons like Rudolph or Frosty. Christmas was the one time of year when no one fought, everyone put aside their differences to enjoy the holiday and make lasting memories. One of my favorite things was to sit back and take pictures of my family in the moment, with the smile and laughter on their faces. In the moments we were the happiest, moments that throughout the years we will cherish not as favorite memories, but a favorite time with family. IT was a time when all of our worries and struggles faded away and we could let light and happiness in.

Sadly in September 2007, Uncle Larry passed away and many of the family no longer goes to his house for the Christmas Eve holiday. The general comment is “there are too many memories with him; it’s too hard.” The holiday season is not the same without him, though memories are still made and the joy we share as a family is still present. Even though he is no longer with us, the memory of him during this time of year will remain with all of us for years to come and the tradition he began will carry onto our families.

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