Movie Review – My Mom’s New Boyfriend (2008)

This star-studded film was fun to watch. It is great to see Meg Ryan but it was startling to view her in the opening scenes where she appeared to have gained about 100 pounds. Fear not though; it was part of her character. When she sat on the floor at the airport holding a cup of coffee and a passerby put a coin in her cup, it was the signal for her to do something about her weight.

Fast forward three years. Martha (Meg Ryan) has lost her 100 pounds and is enjoying her popularity with men. Divorced from her husband, her life revolves around her son Henry (Tom Hanks’ actual son Colin) who works for the FBI and of whom she is very proud. Henry informs Martha that he will come home to visit and will bring his fiancé Emily (Selma Blair) so that they can become acquainted.

When the three are at a mall of sorts, Martha (who now calls herself Marty), is knocked down by a children’s toy on a string, on the end of which is a grown man who apologizes profusely for the accident. He insists on taking them to dinner as his apology. His name is Tommy Lucero (played by Antonio Banderas) and he is very much attracted to the new Marty.

Henry does not care for Tommy’s attentions to his mother, especially when he learns from his superiors at the FBI that Tommy is being monitored as a possible suspect in an art theft that is supposedly to take place in the local Shreveport museum. Tommy has already taken the trio to the museum to view a specific sculpture that has gained renown.

Henry becomes thoroughly irritated when he is put in charge of a task force that is to follow the movements of Tommy, especially since a romance blossoms between Tommy and Marty. Their amorous conversations are being taped by the task force who find it rather humorous. Henry is sworn to secrecy and cannot warn Marty of Tommy’s shady past.

To detail any additional scenes in this film would spoil it for the viewer. You must see for yourself the rather surprising resolution of this comical dilemma. It is well worth two hours of your time to watch this talented ensemble as they appear to enjoy they brilliantly concocted script.


Movie – My Mom’s New Boyfriend (2008)

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