Movie Review: Won’t Last a Day Without You (2011)

Having the same qualities that had made “Catch Me I’m In Love” a hit movie, “Won’t Last A Day Without You” got off to a flying start at cinemas, also starring Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson, and became another blockbuster. A known playboy rushes to a radio station to confront the radio love adviser who is giving his girlfriend unhelpful advice on their relationship problem on air, in this romantic comedy film produced by Charo Santos-Concio, Malou Santos and Vic Del Rosario, Jr.. Writer/director Raz dela Torre deserves praise for the fine direction of this film that grossed 88 million pesos on its third week.

The opening scene being appealing, we find the movie engaging immediately: George Harrison Apostol (Sarah Geronimo), also known as DJ Heidee, spells her name out as H-E-I-D-E-E after DJ Ram’s (John Lapus) brief introduction, to start her radio program. Straightforward and animated, Heidee attracts many listeners while giving her callers love advice on air every night.

All is well in her job when Andrew Escalona (Gerald Anderson) arrives at her workplace, apparently angry at her. At first, she is only a little taken aback by his presence. But after learning the possible consequence of the trouble that she has made in his life, she realizes that she has little choice but to fix it, much as she wants to get away with it — either she helps him get his girlfriend Melissa (Megan Young) to forgive him or else she faces suspension.

The film was directed in such a way as to obtain all its desired effects: we laugh our heads off, get amused, or feel pity for Heidee, while watching the ensuing scenes. Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson play their parts well in this movie as they do in their first movie team-up, “Catch Me I’m In Love.” Both are funny movies that have some moving scenes. And both keep viewers interested up to the end. The amusing shots at the end of this movie also keep viewers jovial after the last scene.

Acclaimed comedy actor Joey de Leon plays a minor role in this film, together with the other cast members who all helped make the film a predictable box-office success. A multi-talented celebrity, Sarah Geronimo inspired the moviegoers with her version of its theme song before the screening of the movie. Scripted by Raz dela Torre and Melissa Mae Chua, “Won’t Last A Day Without You” is a most enjoyable film that leaves viewers more than satisfied.

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