Movie Star Birthday Party for Kids

Almost every child has a favorite movie hero or personality that they love. They’ll watch a movie, featuring that personality, over and over again. They never tire of it. That’s why a movie star birthday party is a great choice. Instead of having kids running all over the house and yard you’ll have kids who sit down together to watch a favorite movie – or two.

On the invitations, ask the guests to RSVP and to state a movie choice – or more than one. With all the kids near the same age their choices will likely be the same as the other children. Choose a movie or two from the requests made by those who RSVP. Or, just invite them over to watch a couple of your child’s favorite movies.

Make the whole party around a star in one of the chosen movies. No matter which star is chosen you can make or buy paper or foil stars to hang on walls to decorate. Arrange stars down the center of the table to make a runner.

Cut one picture of the movie star from a magazine or other source and upload it to your computer. Or, look online for free photo downloads. These can be printed out and made into coasters by simply laminating them. It isn’t difficult to combine a magazine picture with a picture of your child to make it look like he or she is standing in the photo with the movie star.

Serve popcorn and juice or other drinks during the movie. You can create a fabulous cake with a star on it by using a stencil or paper cutout. Lay the stencil on a frosted cake and sprinkle powdered sugar on it. Remove the stencil carefully.

You can make a pinata with any movie star’s picture by cutting a large, round picture from one printed from your computer. Cut two circles of cardboard, and a wide band, and tape the two circles to the band. After taping the band to one circle, attach a hanger and fill with candy, then tape on the other circle. Glue the movie star picture to one circle and cover the rest of the pinata with torn pieces of tissue paper.

The movie star birthday party is a great choice because it works well for a large budget or a small one. Give a movie to each child as a party favor or, on a smaller budget, give each child a bag of candy with a movie star picture – printed from your computer – taped to the bag. The movie star birthday party also works for kids of any age. Have the kids dress up like their favorite movie stars or just let them come as they are. They can all watch movies, have snacks, and have lots of laughs as they all hang out at this special party which none of them will ever forget.

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