Movies to Inspire Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year, you know, when we make a whole bunch of resolutions we swear we’ll really keep this time, only to forget about them before the holiday hangover is gone. So if you need a little extra push to keep it going this year, try some of these films to inspire you to some real change.

I Need a New Job

Hate your job as a worker bee in some fluorescent-lit cubicle? “Wanted” will get you going. Now, I don’t recommend you walk out on your employer to become an assassin or try to make bullets bend around objects, unless those objects are dead and not Angelina Jolie, but you get the idea. You might also take notes here if your so-called best friend is sneaking around with your girl behind your back.

I Need to Take My Shot

Ever dreamed of being a singer, a dancer, maybe both? If you need a little push to take the plunge and take your shot at stardom or the stage, check out “Burlesque.” Bonus points for a little glamor inspiration as well, especially if you love sassy vintage looks.

And let’s not forget all the tunes by Etta James in this one, who was just reported as being terminally ill. A reminder to us all it doesn’t last forever, so use it while you got it before it’s gone.

I Need a New Drug

Whether we’re talking about a literal drug or a figurative one, “Trainspotting” is the wake-up call you’re looking for. All those addictions that drag us down may seem like fun at first, but sooner or later they take a toll. Detox your body and “choose life,” as Ewan McGregor said.

I Need to Forget the Past

If you feel things are hopelessly messed up and you’ve given up, “The Legend of Bagger Vance” can inspire you to get “your swing back.” Now, if you’re saying “I don’t like golf and certainly don’t want to watch a movie about it,” just know that while this movie appears to be about golf, it’s really about something much deeper. Really. That sounds kind of cheesy, but trust me on this one: I hate golf too, but love this movie.

I Need to Grow Up

I just re-discovered the wonderful John Ritter flick “Skin Deep.” Sure, it’s hilarious, but at the heart of the story is a guy in the real emotional pain of midlife crisis and desperately trying to get his act together. Ritter plays a writer who can’t stop womanizing or drinking, till he loses his wife and can’t write any more. (If you’ve ever watched an episode of “Californication” this should look familiar.)

Even if you aren’t guilty of a lot of the things Ritter does in this movie, if you’ve gone through any degree of midlife crisis, at least some of this will ring true to you. It will help you realize you need to get back to the thing you love, the person you love, and lighten up a little about the meaning of it all.

So, are you really going to keep those resolutions this year? Get a head start and get inspired.

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