MTV’s “Teen Mom” Star Jenelle Evans Says No Weed – No Problem

Teen mom Jenelle Evans will have to end her love affair with pot for at least a year in order to stay out of jail, according to a North Carolina court.

The star of MTV reality shows Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 was given a year probation for a March fist fight that left Evans’ victim bruised and bloodied.

“F**k yes. !!!! I WINNNNNNN ;),” the 19 year-old Evans Tweeted shortly after her court appearance.


Custody of Evans’ two-year old son, Jayce, was awarded to her mother earlier this year.

A video of the fight was released shortly after Evans’ arrest, asked today whether she’s proud of her actions on the tape Evans replied, “f*** yes I am.”

In lieu of jail time, Evans received 12 months of probation, 24 hours of community service, a $100 fine and attend anger management classes.

If Evans should pick up the pipe, or in any other way violate the terms of her probation in that time, she’ll have to serve a suspended 30-day sentence, issued Friday, atop any penalty that comes along with an outstanding probation continuance.

One month after her arrest for the fight, Evans was picked up by police on a drug paraphenalia charge. She was given 12 months probation.

Evans entered rehab in May to help her with her addiction. Three months later she tested positive for marijuana and opiates, violating her probation.

A judge in the probation case, continued the trial in August in order to monitor Evans’ progress, her attorney Dustin Sullivan said. She’s due back in court on the violation at the end of the month, so the teen mom will likely have to white-knuckle it at least until then.

“I have no doubt she is on the right path,” Sullivan told US Weekly.

He added that Evans has been passing her drug test and is attending school full-time.

For fans of the show, Evans’ season one boyfriend, Keiffer, is “out of the picture,” Sullivan said.

Likely to reflect on the day’s events and all of the turmoil that’s surrounded her in recent months, Evans did what most people do; she went fishing.

It truly was a memorable day – she caught her first fish.

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