Of Mice and Men – Book Review/Chapter 1


Q: Describe the settings of the place by the river.
A: The setting of the place by the river are warm and peaceful. It’s a very quite where it is free from disturbance of any human social development. This is the place where we can clearly see the true beauty of nature, an ideal venue to live for it has fair and friendly atmosphere.

Q: In a short paragraph, tell three things we learn about George by direct presentation.
A: What I learned about George by direct presentation are he was just an ordinary small man based on the way he dressed. another thing is that, even though he was a small man but he had a strong features clearly define him as a strong human being and clever. Lastly, he has this eyes that tell the readers of eagerness and determined to get something in life.

Q: In a short paragraph, tell three things we learn about Lennie by direct presentation.
A: Lennie is the exact opposite of George. He was a big man, an ordinary man also but he doesn’t have a strong personality as George. Maybe he was strong but the author did not really mentioned in the description, it is something like blurr some type of information about his personality.

Q: The theme is partially stated in Italics on page (14-15). State the theme in your own words.
A: “But not us! An why? Because…because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that’s why?” In my own words, everyone needs somebody so you wont be lonely. It’s just like no man is island, no man stands alone.

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