Of Mice and Men – Book Review/Chapter 3


1. Motivation: George and Lennie are motivated by the dream of their own place. In three or more sentences describe their own little place.

George and Lennie have an enthusiasm for their own place. A place that they can bring their own crops, instead of doing all the work for the other people and not getting what comes out from the ground. This little place they dream will have wind mill, chicken, orchard, cherries, apples, peaches, cots, nuts, alfalfa for Lennie’s rabbits, and plenty of water to flood it. Their place will gonna be their small paradise to live.

2. Incident of Relevancy: Explain what happened to Candy’s dog and how Candy felt about it.

Candy’s dog was very old and stinks which Slim and Carlson were wanted to get rid of the dog because they believed that the dog suffers himself and that they felt sorry for it, but Candy was very attached to the dog saying that he had it since it was a pup. The couple kept on urging Candy to let them kill the dog for good. At last Candy agreed to their suggestion. Carlson took the dog outside and shoot it to death but Candy was hurt, lay rigidly on his bed staring at the ceiling in silence. His heart was torn apart for he cannot do anything rather than to accept the reality of life.

3. Conflict: The antagonist (Curly) and Lennie get into fight. George is afraid they will get fired but Slim finds a way to avoid this. What is Slim’s solution?

Slim’s solution to this problem was, he told Curly about his opinion of not telling anybody what exactly had happened to his hand. Instead they have to tell everybody that Curly’s hand got caught in a machine. By saying this, nobody will know, nobody will laugh at Curly. On the other side, George and Lennie will be safe.

4. Suspense: What are you wondering so far in the novel?

My speculation is something bad will happen to Lennie, since their fight already started. Maybe Curley will take revenge on what had happened to him. Another thing is, I feel also that Lennie will get killed at the end because of what I read so far is about dead mouse and killing Candy’s dog which are symbolizes death.

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