Official NFL Magazine Provides Eye Popping Photography, Historical Articles and In-depth League Analysis

In a world of iPhone apps, instant updates and 24/7 scrolling news feeds on countless networks, it was surprising news when the NFL announced the release of their official magazine. Sporting the newsworthy Tim Tebow on the cover, the 128 page magazine is well worth the $4.99 cover price and a must-have for the $20.00 subscription price.

NFL Magazine Layout

The larger sized NFL Magazine is reminiscent of the early days of ESPN magazine. All of the pages are high quality glossy prints with more photos than text in much of the issue. The first half of the magazine has quick read features including newsworthy stories, brief interviews with NFL stars and pictures from the NFL season.

The second half of the NFL Magazine has feature articles focusing on the current season, specific players and rising stars like Cam Newton. Some articles focus on the glory days of the NFL, including the premiere issues having an in-depth look at a 1971 AFC Playoff game between the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs.

Impressive Photography

One of the best parts of the magazine is the impressive photography supplied throughout. Each issue has hundreds of high quality pictures and no matter how many galleries you look at online, nothing compares to the quality of a printed picture.

In the premiere section, a special section entitled “Hot Pix” focuses on “Great Grabs” from early in the 2011 season. Pictures include Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe making a one-handed catch, Tennesse Titans WR Nate Washington jumping high in the air and San Diego Chargers TE Vincent Jackson snagging the ball. These are great moments that are captured forever instead of being lost among the many great plays within an NFL season.

NFL Fan Zone

The NFL Fan Zone section of the magazine is what helps make it stand out from the rest. The section is set up like its own magazine and has a lot of great features. Among them are attending NFL games live, NFL workouts you can emulate and some of the newest NFL merchandise and gear.

The NFL Fan Zone should continue in future issues of the magazine as it has a lot of potential to grow with different features.

NFL Magazine

The magazine business is not like it was 20 or even 10 years ago, but there is a large enough fan base to keep NFL Magazine running for years. More than anything, it will give NFL fans something to look forward to every month in the off season until the new season arrives.

Alan Donahue is a life-long NFL fan. He has written hundreds of sports articles and passionately follows the NFC East.

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