One Night at a Top Nigeria Hotel and You’ll Be Up for Another

What do you want from a Nigeria hotel?! If you’re travelling to or through the country, where to make a reservation that will help make your stay a pleasant one? Of course there’s the matter of personal preference – your taste can differ from that of even your friends or family. But there’s something about the basics that we’re all pretty much in agreement on…

If you live in Nigeria or are familiar with travelling in the country or staying in Nigeria hotels, your perspectives might be a little different. But particularly if you’re going to a country that’s strange to you, if you’re visiting Nigeria for the first time, you want to be sure that you’ll be staying in a place that complies with the expectations that people who do any travelling would have of a good hotel wherever they are in the world.

You want to avoid ending up at a place that looked good on paper but turned out to be a disaster. Every country has its downsides and upsides. Nigeria is no exception, with Nigeria hotels including a number of places where not only will you be safe and secure but you’ll feel comfortable and at ease in a welcoming environment that is modern and sophisticated.

Particularly in a developing city in Africa such as Lagos, especially in respectable suburbs such as those on the island of Ikoyi, there are hotels that far outshine mediocre establishments in so-called quaint or exotic spots in European, American or Asian cities where you’d be prepared to stay for the experience, for the fun of it, call it what you like. The Southern Sun Ikoyi Nigeria, say, is just such an example – a Nigeria hotel that looks good inside and out, a place that’s professionally run, where you can get a good night’s sleep and then some…

By and large, a top Nigeria hotel is run along similar lines to leading accommodation establishments in “first world” countries. Perhaps you’ll struggle to find a 5 Star palace with a restaurant boasting a Michelin rating, but there are hotels in Lagos that have earned good reviews for their various creature comforts including the food on offer. And not forgetting that some of the hotels in Nigeria are part of international groups that insist on a high degree of consistency when it comes to their services and standards regardless of where they’re represented around the globe.

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