One of the Proudest Moments in My Life

When I was younger, I went to class and did my work like other students. I learned to read and write and all those neat little things that children learn in school. It was all so routine, not really sparking a particular interest to me. Color me slow…but it took some years later and a beautiful woman telling me that anyone with a thought in their head can be a poet. Its just a matter of writing from the heart and making sure that the words have a great meaning. What she said stuck with me. One day, some time after that, I tried to write poetry. It was the most ugly, useless, disgusting piece of writing I have ever read.
So I put it down for a while. Now, at this time I was still wondering how I could improve my writing ability. Also at this time, I was fond of listening to a radio show that played classical music during the day and read stories at night. One of those nights I paid particularly close attention to the use of words in the story. I was enlightened by the very artistic ways of piecing together adverbs, adjectives, and verbs to describe something so perfectly as to bring it to life in front of me. So night after night, whenever it was played, I would stay up and listen to these stories to see what I could learn from them. After a while of doing that, I went back to that piece of writing and changed some words and rearranged some sentences.

To my surprise it wasn’t so bad. I wrote some more and more after that until I began to see improvement, excelling in the none metrical form of poetic writing or prose. The school publication of student works was soon to come out and I had decided to enter a piece that I wrote. So I went through the formalities of entering it and waiting to see whether it would be accepted. Now, I don’t exactly remember whether or not they told me if it would be or not but I do remember checking with them over and over about it. So, finally, it was completed and distributed amongst the students and I open the book to find my piece of work. Lo, and behold… my poem is on the VERY FIRST PAGE. That was the moment that I realized that poetry was going to be a very special part of my life. I still have the poetry book publication from high school. And this has been the very first time I have told anyone, in full, about this experience.

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