O’Neills Irish Pub: Albuquerque’s St. Patrick’s Day Headquarters

St. Patrick’s Day in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I know that does not exactly sound like two things that would normally go together but trust me on this one. Thanks to one Irish pub located in the beautiful, historic Nob Hill district, St. Patrick’s Day can be celebrated to its fullest. O’Neills Irish Pub is the absolute best place to go for an authentic Irish experience. O’Neills offers a comfortable community atmosphere that lives by the motto: “Good food, honest drink and great times”

O’Neills has an extensive drink menu ranging from draft and bottled beer to brandy, gin, cordials, scotch, vodka and, yes, Irish whiskey. The list of food they offer is just as extensive as the drinks they offer and they have something to eat for everyone. They have a kids menu, a gluten free menu, a Celtic favorite menu, a fitness menu, steak, burgers, pasta, you name it they have it and at prices that will not send you into bankruptcy. Most dishes are in the $8-$15 range and you will get every pennies worth.

Now if you really want to taste some of the best traditional Celtic cuisines go for the fish and chips. I have tried many different places and this is by far the best. The fish is always cooked to perfection and the chips are golden brown and delicious. You get a great amount of food for the nine dollars you spend. All you have to do is add a Guinness on top of it and you will be in Celtic heaven.

They offer a great St. Patrick’s Day celebration every year and this year, although they have not yet released to the public what they will be doing, is sure to be no exception. At this point though I can tell you that they have live music on most nights for exact dates you can go to www.oneills.com and click on the events tab.

O’Neills is located at 4310 central SE in Albuquerque. Hours of operation are Monday thru Saturday 11am-2am and Sunday 11am to midnight. Reservation can be made by calling (505)255-6782. Discounts are also available by going to www.oneills.com and joining their mailing list.

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