Open Field

Open field,

Wide open spaces,

Fields to run in,

Fields to play in,

Spaces to roam in,

Spaces to feel the earth,

The air,

And everything else that is around,

Spaces to feel blessed,

Spaces to feel rest,

Spaces that inspire creativity,

Spaces that give meaning,

Spaces that add to your spirituality,

Open field,

Field of dreams,

Field of hopes,

Field of truth,

Field of trust,

Field of belief,

Field of knowledge,

Field of everything beautiful,




Grass beneath my feet,

Sky above me,

Air pure,

Air true,

Open field,

Wide spaces,



Fields of grass,

Fields of peace,

Fields of life,

I am grateful to you,

For your reminder,

For your power,

For your hope,

For your calm,

That gives me strength,

To continue again.

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