Open Marriage is a Joke

Many of us were surprised to find out that some of our favorite Hollywood stars would be so candid about their open marriage. Mo’Nique admitted to her open relationship with her husband Sidney in a Barbara Walters interview. In a memoir Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee admitted to having an open marriage for a few years of their marriage before deciding that it no longer worked for them. They felt that infidelity wasn’t the reason that marriages were torn apart, it was the lying and the deception that couples couldn’t get past. They went on to say that as long as they were private and didn’t expose the family to shame or disease that it was okay.

But the relationship that truly takes the cake is far from Hollywood. So-called relationship authors, Carl and Kenya Stevens have come out not only to promote their open marriage, but to encourage others to possibly opt for this lifestyle. They’re under the impression that if more couples had open marriages that it would lower the divorce rate. Sounds good if you’re trying to sell books, but they must be joking, right?

Kenya said that all of this started when her husband came home from work and confessed that he had fallen in love with a woman at work. He hadn’t done anything physical with this woman but the emotional attachment was there. Kenya wasn’t cool with the idea of an open marriage at first and was hesitant about actually moving forward, but she was the first one to actually have sex outside the marriage. For this reason they want you to believe that Kenya wasn’t just giving into her husband’s lustful ways. But that’s exactly what happened. No woman in her right mind bounces back without a scratch when her spouse confesses to falling in love with someone else. Falling in love with someone else is an emotional and mental connection way beyond something purely physical. As women we know that although we forgive at times it’s rare that we ever forget. So it makes plenty of sense that Kenya would harbor resentment for 2 years towards her husband for his betrayal, feel pressured into an open marriage, and make the first move to step out on her husband in revenge. Sounds vindictive, but there’s nothing like a woman scorned.

Humans are instinctively jealous in nature. Sure some people are more jealous than others. But any guy or girl who is perfectly fine with their spouse having an emotional or physical relationship with someone else doesn’t really love their spouse. Fort Worth is a part of the Bible Belt and although my views might seem old fashioned to some, the fact of the matter that no matter how much the world might change, God doesn’t change. I Corinthian 7:2 says, “But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband.” I don’t see side pieces or jumpoffs listed as apart of the equation.

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