Oriental Stepping Stones

Some people who have gardens just love looking out their windows and seeing the beautiful flowers. For others, the gardens are for showing off to visitors. They take their family and friends through the gardens, pointing out all of the new flowers, or maybe having a little lunch amongst the foliage. If you love showing off your garden, your guests will be truly impressed as they walk on oriental stepping stones. You can tell them how you made the stepping stones, what each emblem stands for, and why you chose the ones you did. Your garden will take on a whole new element that will have your guests entranced.

Although you can buy a mold to shape the stone there are other things you could use. The lid from a bakery cake, an old cake pan, or even a bucket works fine as the mold for the stepping stone. Whatever you’re using, spray it well with non-stick cooking spray, and you’ll have no trouble removing the finished stepping stone from the mold.

Purchase a bag of concrete or cement from a home improvement store. Follow the directions on the package to mix it. Pour it into your mold and allow the proper amount of time – according to the package – for the stone to set. Afterwards, remove it from the mold and decide how you want the oriental stone to look. You can start by painting it red or black, or you can leave it as it is, and use red or black paint to make the image. Gold is another option for creating a painted, Chinese design on the stepping stone.

The oriental stepping stones can say whatever you want them to when you go online and use a language translator. Type in the word or phrase you want for the stone and then translate it to Chinese. Or, visit a website that features an oriental alphabet or text. Capture images and print them out or view them and draw, freehand, on paper. Use the printed or drawn images as patterns to paint the lettering on the stepping stone. Simply cut out the actual images and use what remains of the paper as a template.

Your oriental stepping stones will add a lovely aspect to your garden and give it that little something that sets it apart from all other gardens. And, that’s what you want, isn’t it?
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