Orlando’s Homeless Vets Got Some Much Needed Help

Orlando’s homeless vets are caught in a Catch-22 situation. They want to find jobs but they are homeless and have no address. Without an address they cannot get an identification card. Without an ID card they can’t apply for work. Now that has changed and hopefully some of these vets received what they need to change their lives and move in a positive direction.

There was an event held in Orlando, Florida yesterday called Veterans Stand Down. It was held at the downtown recreation complex and it was a successful event. At the Veterans Stand Down Orlando’s homeless vets received free haircuts, free food, and bags filled with things like toothpaste and other hygiene items. They also received clothing and a sleeping bag. But the biggest item for many of these guys was the ID cards they were finally able to get.

And if all of those things weren’t enough, Orlando’s homeless vets were able to sign up for necessary services such as transitional house, food assistance and drug treatment programs. It is no secret that many of these homeless vets are on drugs. Hopefully, with the information they received Saturday they will be able to get into programs and rid themselves of that evil.

Something else they were able to do was to take a shower. Most people can take a shower whenever they want, but if you are homeless that’s not the case.

This program is now in its fourth year helping Orlando’s homeless vets and they expected to serve at least 350 men yesterday. There are approximately 1,250 homeless veterans in Orlando region, but there are only enough beds for approximately 375 of them.

With the economy the way it is, it is a sad realty that the number of Orlando’s homeless vets, and vets all over the United States, will probably increase before it decreases. It is a sad situation for men who served their time protecting the United States of America. The government needs to do more for these men who volunteered to defend our freedom. Too many have slipped through the cracks.


The Orlando Sentinel

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