Radical Ron Paul, is He Right for America?

Recently I was attacked by a Ron Paul supporter for commenting that one of the other Ron Paul supports had no morals. This guy jumped in and lambasted me stating that “it is Ron Paul’s party now”, referring to the Republican Party, and that if I continued to spew this type of stuff about morals and Biblical values, that I would be “further isolated, and ridiculed” for it.

I have to ask myself, what type of supporters is this guy Ron Paul drawing? They sound like displaced Obama supporters who have abandoned ‘the one’, and moved over too Ron Paul’s camp. I have heard that many college students are supporting Paul. Then I am asking myself why? and what exactly do they see in this guy?

For one thing they have a certain thing in common, they attack any website, blog, or thread that is negative towards Paul, and many of them are downright viscous about it too. It is typical of liberals to attack anyone that speaks out against their candidate by belittling them, calling them names, or just being total jerks. This seems to be the way Paul supporters are behaving themselves, so are they all a bunch of transplanted progressives? They are too the point of being fanatical about it, making us wonder if Paul’s followers might in fact be disenfranchised liberals?

Let’s examine what Ron Paul stands on the issues. I will attempt to be as fair and accurate as I can.

1. He wants to abolish the federal law that makes prostitution illegal. He supports letting states decided if they should allow legal prostitution or not. So by abolishing the federal law, and leaving it too the states to decide. Have you not left the door open for chaos to occur? Just say’n?

2. He is against any federal law that would protect marriage as being one man/one woman. Again Paul wants to leave in too individual states to decide if they should ban same-sex marriage or not.

3. Paul supports legalizing marijuana for medical use, as well as legalizing all illegal drugs. This has long been the stance of the left, too legalize drugs.

4. He wants to audit the federal reserve, a move many conservatives support, along with the institution of a fair tax system to replace the current tax system. Herman Cain also supports this and has come up with what he calls his 9-9-9 plan, a stepping stone to the fair tax system.

5. Paul is staunchly against the United States getting in involved in, and intervening in world affairs, this is his foreign policy stand.

Let me say this that there are things that we must stick our noses into, and things we should not. We should stick our nose into situations that involve our allies, for instance Israel. Why we as a nation should support Israels right to defend itself, we must be ready to back them up. When there are terrible acts of injustice going on in the world, like innocent people being tortured, and slaughtered, we must rise up against this.

Like in the Sudan where Muslim’s have enslaved and murdered thousands of Christians. The U.S. Government, including Ron Paul were silent about this, and all but ignored the acts of genocide taking place there. Would Ron Paul stand by why millions of innocent people are murdered because of their faith, or would be do something about it?

It has been reported that Ron Paul is a free-mason, although he has denied this, he was seen more than once giving the secret masonic handshake, all caught on video of course. So what is the truth here? is he? or isn’t he?

Paul claims to be against strongly against abortion which is the viewpoint of most Republican’s as well. Ron Paul is a gynecologist, it is reported that he has delivered some 4K babies over he years.

On the subject of what the Government should and should not do. My overall opinion is that there are certain things that the federal government must stand and protect the citizenry from, So Illegal drugs, prostitution, and the gay marriage being three of them. The states should also pass their laws to protect the people from things deemed harmful to society, but the federal government by repealing the laws that protect us, by doing so is endorsing deviant behavior in society. Ron Paul say’s he believes in the slippery slope, yet he seems to be contributing to the slide down that slope by not being conservative enough, and pandering to the left.

The ‘gay’ left has been doing it’s best to overturn the sacred institution of marriage, and has been able to win in a small handful of states, that now allow homosexuals to marry each other. If Ron Paul is such a supporter of states rights, why has he not come out and said that it is wrong for the Federal Government to impose upon houses of worship, in regards to performing these ceremonies, and that individual states should pass laws that protect churches from having their beliefs violated by being forced to marry homosexuals? Paul wants the Government out of the marriage issue, and wants to leave it too the states, yet he seems weak on the moral issues, in that he does not go far enough to protect us from different forms of deviant behavior.

Mr. Paul is is drawing such radical supporters from the left. His supporters demographics state that he is drawing people between the age range of 18-29, the college and career age people. Paul seems to draw the liberals in droves because of three major points that they agree together on. Paul wants too end corporate welfare, ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and end the American empire. They also want to repeal the Patriot Act that Congress passed the gives Government the power to violate the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

My question is, are state laws easier for radical leftist to overturn than a federal law? If that is true then a federal law would be the solution, however, you know that any law the protects marriage will be challenged by radical deviants.

The Government should stay within the bounds of the Constitution, and abide by it at all times. I understand the purpose of the Patriot Act was to allow investigation of possible terrorist activities in our country, and that it exposed the American people to possible violations of their civil rights. We could probably just let the Patriot Act expire on it’s own, and let it be by gone for good.

I believe that the Government should not be bailing out corporations as the Obama regime has done. Those bail-outs were nothing but pay-outs to Obama’s friends that helped him get elected. I do think that government should give some corporations tax-breaks if it will truly stimulate the economy, and create real jobs for real American’s, not the union thugs that Obama created jobs for, while he ignored those of us that do not belong to big labor. I think that major corporations should prop themselves up, and the government should not be handing them tax payer dollars by the millions, and the American people are getting crap in return.

The radical anti-war crowd seems to love Ron Paul as he supports a full pull out from Iraq and Afghanistan, and of course this is also the hate America crowd that favors the Palestinians, while they hate the nation of Israel. Why is Ron Paul aligned with people like this? This crowd largely stems from our nations university campuses where Paul is so popular because of his anti-war stance. I see this as a dangerous liaison between the neo-liberal Paul, and the hard left.

What is even more dangerous is that the hard left is using Ron Paul as an inroad into the Republican Party to neutralize the parties strong conservative power base. The left hates what they call the ‘Christian Right’, and would do anything too invade the Republican Party and shut down the opposition. I think it’s safe to say that there people are not classic liberals, but radial socialists who are seizing every chance to do as much damage as they can. This is what is making Ron Paul such a danger to the party, and why that guy freaked out when I mentioned them having a lack of morals.

That Maniac Paul-bot told me “It’s not your party anymore, it’s Ron Paul’s party now”, and he was serious about it. That is scary at best, and should make us wonder what Ron Paul is really all about, and should we be supporting him? Can we afford a neo-liberal like Ron Paul in the White House? Granted we need to dispose of the Obama regime. Paul seems to have a wild mix of liberal and moderate conservative ideas, but few of them are rock solid conservative except for his pro-life stance.

I think what we need is a solid conservative leader who is not backed by crazy leftists, and old hippies. A leader who is not ashamed of his Christian faith, or of his country, and will work to defend our values and way of life. I don’t think that Ron Paul is that man, in fact I think he is doing more harm to the Republican Party than good, and should change his party affiliation back to the Libertarian Party.

In my honest opinion, Herman Cain is the right man for the job. He is not a slippery, slick politician. He is conservative all the way through, and a devout Christian. He has over 40 years of executive experience in the business world. He has a great track record taking failed companies, and bringing them back from the brink of bankruptcy, which is where this country is at thanks to the left.

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