Rcord Live Streaming Video, TV Shows or Encrypted Video from Pc Screen

Many people have video download tool, it helps you to download online videos or movies or TV shows from websites like YouTube, Metcafe, Google video, CNN and so on.

I also use Mozilla Firefox dwonload helper to download videos and I also backup a Streaming Video Recorder which is an efficient untility to download streaming videos at batch and enable you convert videos to compatible with different media players or portable devices.

Have you found that all above tools can’t be used to record live streaming videos. A typical example is that you are unable to record Hulu videos and Netflix subscriber can’t record the “watch now” movies.

Here I want to share you a sufficiently tool to solve your hassle. You had better to record video directly from computer screen.

Providing that you can watch completely watch the video, you can use a Screen Video Recorder to capture the screen video to your computer.

It is dedicated to record the live videos and encrypted videos that protect from downloading. With it, you can record any video from computer screen and save them to your local disc for later playback.

I have tried it to record Netflix and hulu videos, the recorded video is at decent quality and the audio quality is also excellent as original video and audio online.

You can learn more about precise tutorial to record video from Netflix with it.

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