Real Russian Dating Site? or Fake Russian Dating Site

For many men who are single and have become either lonely or tired of the same old women in their local town, signing up to a Russian or Ukrainian brides site seems a very easy way to solve their problem. Over the last decade the concedpt has lost a lot of its stigma and sleaze, it is now perfectly normal to meet a foreign bride this way.

This has a lot to do with the internet breaking down many social and geographical barriers to allow people from different countries to get acquainted with one another for friendship, romance and maybe marriage.
If you have decided to search for a mail order bride from Russia, you’ll need to join an online dating service. It’s easy to find them, but determining which one offers legitimate Russian brides online to chat and communicate with, is a different matter altogether.

Many sites offer free membership with limited features to allow you to gauge whether a paid subscription is worth it. You should always check that after paying for full membership you will have unlimited contact with the ladies and be able to exchange contact details, if you are not permitted to exchange contact details stay well clear.

The best legitimate Russian dating sites such as will always allow you to communicate with the ladies freely, with no blocks or editing your mails to stop you sending contact details. If you sign up to any Russian dating sites always be very sure you are allowed to communicate freely with all ladies.

Are the ladies real? This is very easy to see within a couple of minutes of searching the profiles on the site, if every single girl is under 35, stunningly beautiful with a perfect body , you can be assured they will be fake girls, do not fall for the trap. Although Russian women are thought by many all over the world to be the most beautiful women in the world, it does not mean there are no just normal attractive women on the dating sites.

Here is an easy test to see if your chosen site is pulling in real women. Most legitimate Russian dating sites such as will spend a considerable amount of time over several years establishing a presence in the Russian search engines, making it easy for ladies to find the site.

A popular Russian search word is “Иностранные знакомства” Russian for “foreign acquaintance” try search this word in Russia’s biggest search engine, is your chosen site showing in any of the search pages? If not ask yourself where do their women come from?

Best of luck in your russian dating sites

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