Recycle or Upcycle Your Old Jeans to Give Them a New Life

Before you decide to throw out your old jeans why not just give them new life instead. There are so many things that you can do to recycle or upcycle your old denim jeans.

Patch Them

If there is a small hole, tear or rip in your jeans you can save them with a simple patch. Iron on patches are easy to apply and make a great quick fix. However if you would like a sturdier fix you can always sew on a great patch or even a small applique could cover the defect. This works especially well for children’s jeans!

Turn Them into a Skirt

Outdated denim jeans can easily be turned into super stylish skirts with a few minor alterations. In this tutorial you can learn how to easily turn your daughter’s old jeans into a beautiful new skirt by adding some fabric. Here at thrifty fun, there is a tutorial that teaches you how to turn your old jeans into a skirt with pleated ruffles! If you love long skirts you will like this tutorial that shows you how to turns your old denim jeans into a beautiful long skirt!

Turn Them into a Purse

By cutting your jeans into denim fabric pieces you can modify almost any purse pattern into a pattern for a denim bag. There are also many free sewing patterns available to show you how to turn your old denim jeans into a stylin’ new purse. Check out this tutorial from threadbangers this technique is a simple and fast way to upcycle your old denim jeans into a brand new purse. DIY life also has this tutorial that teaches you how to make a very cute little purse using old jeans.

Turn Them into Slippers!

This is an excellent free sewing pattern and tutorial that teaches you how to turn your old jeans into a great pair of denim slippers. This sewing pattern will require that you have at least some knowledge of sewing. These denim slippers are so cute. They would be great to make for yourself or make a few pair to give out to family during Christmas!

Turn Them into a Quilt

Upcycling jeans is a great way to recycle and save some money at the same time. During the winter months hardly anything will keep you warmer than a well made denim blanket. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make a frayed edge denim quilt. This is a great project to make a lot of and donate it to a homeless shelter or a person that may have a hard time keeping warm during the coldest months.

Turn them into Home Accessories

There are many things for your home that you can make from an old pair of denim jeans. Potholders and oven mitts made from denim are sturdy and durable. This denim wall hanging is adorable and will help you be more organized! These sturdy denim bins are so cute and would be a great addition to any desk. If you would like to make some very unique denim coasters from your old jeans you can give this tutorial a try.

If you are not a crafty person or do not like to sew there are many other options than tossing them out. Drop them off at your local Goodwill to give a less fortunate person the opportunity to buy them at a decent price, donate them to a homeless shelter or pass them along to a friend. As you can see when it comes to upcycling or recycling your old jeans the possibilities are limitless.

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