Reptiles in Flight

Early yesterday morning it was reported on channel twelve news that a man was caught boarding a plane with snakes and a turtle. In an attempt to follow this story it bought back memories of the movie with Samuel Jackson “Snakes On A Plane” What ever made this man believe that he could possibly get away with hiding these snakes in his pant pocket and not be discovered is beyond me. Even though the snakes were not venemous the fact still remains that he attempted to carry them on the plane with him. A few simple scenarios to consider is (1) how was he actually going to contain them in his pocket should he have fallen asleep during his flight. (2) had it crossed hs mind that if one or more of the snakes had gotten away and crawled up someone’s leg what the reaction of that person might have been. (3) some one who is dead scared of snakes could have suffered a hearth attach or even a seizure. (4) it could have started a major panic with the rest of the passengers not knowing if the snakes were venemous or not. I haven’t been able to follow this story since it aired early tuesday morning but I certainly hope that this individual has learned his lesson for pulling such a stunt.

Another interesting story that hit the news early tuesday morning reported that a woman was caught on video tape pouring hot sauce down her adopted son’s mouth to teach him a lesson. The judge imposed a one-hundred and eighty-day jail sentence on her which he later suspended provided that she completes anger management classes. Personally, this is a situation that I feel needs further investigation. For someone to take the initiative to actually film themselves abusing a child in this manner they should have been charged with child abuse and sentenced. Is there a possibility that this child could be enduring other abuse. Who does this to a child? These adopted children are supposed to be placed in homes where they are protected from any kind of hurt, harm or danger. What sane individual would subject a child to this kind of punishment?

President Obama’s uncle incarcerated for DUI. When election time comes around how many people will try to make this a big issue.

For more information on these stories google Channel 12 News, tuesday, August 30th.

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